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Poole (Entrance) Tide Times for 19th June 2024

Tide Times & Heights for Poole (Entrance) on 19th June 2024

02:31 - Low Tide (1.05m)
06:51 - High Tide (1.71m)
14:47 - Low Tide (1.02m)
19:17 - High Tide (1.97m)


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Poole Charter Boats Association (PCBA) Diving Charters

Poole and Swanage are excellent dive ports surrounded by wreck, drift, reef and scenic sites to test divers from novices to masters. Poole and Swanage have an excellent selection of coded dive boats for you to choose from, with a board selection of facilities and prices.

Drift and Reef Diving

We are lucky to have some really nice drift dives; on spring tides you can get water in the 12-16m range, ideal for a second dive, moving at up to 3.5kts. It's the nearest to flying underwater you can get, the closer you get you're nose to the bottom the faster is seems you're moving. If this sounds a bit much for you we can always tuck in a bit closer to the cliffs to get out of the main tide and make it a slow leisurely drift dive.

We recommend that you use a red SMB and that it is used from the start of a drift dive; it puts years on a skippers life waiting to see if divers will come up near where he thinks they should be.

Scenic Dives

Under camera, nr. lighthouse, rock and boulders, quite colourful, very little current. It is ideal for new or novice divers as it is only in 8 metres of water. We dive to wreck such as the Fleur de Lys, Arfon and the following wrecks:

P.C.B.A. Dive Boats

Peter Gough
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  • Blue Duo
    John Stevenson
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  • Mary Jo
    Martin Jones
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  • Ocean Runner
    Ryan Jones
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  • Peveril Myth
    Mike Markey
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  • Random Harvest
    Andy Adams
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  • Rocket
    Trevor Small
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  • Sha-King
    Richard Styles
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  • Strongbow
    Dick Peckham
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